A couple of portfolio updates : SANAA and Mitsubishi Sekkei.

LVMH's ATP Museum image for Frank Gehry and Search added to the portfolio section

Some images added to the portfolio section, also an updated demoreel in the work that will be released when all its material is out of NDA

I've added a subsection on our website for a side project we're doing here, a shortcut setup in a dystopian future, work in progress with images and props can be seen by clicking the picture below

Obama Presidential Center image added to the portfolio

Some little additions to the portfolio, more to come when the workload will be lighter

It took some time but we finally got to assemble some of our recent work into a new demoreel

It's almost the end of another very busy year. We'll update shortly our portfolio section with new illustrations and a new demoreel. In the meantime here is one of the images made for the Guggenheim competition in Helsinki for Nikken Sekkei.

The office is open again after a holiday break, and we have already delivered couple of projects for two big Japanese agencies, one being the Guggenheim Museum Competition in Helsinki.

The website design and portfolio content has been slightly updated, the contact and informations section are now more detailed.

We have updated our Demo Reel with a selection of works made during 2013.

Tower in La Défense area project completed for SANAA, some images added to the portfolio section

Taichung Cultural Center for SANAA image added to the portfolio, several images done for the LeCorbusier Stadium in Iraq with Perrot-Richard, soon in the portfolio section.

Several animations completed before the holidays : KKAA, Perrot-Richard among others. The gallery has also been upda
ted with several projects

Completed couple of images for Sou Fujimoto's Serpentine Gallery pavilion, images for both Dominique Perrault and Kengo Kuma projects at the EPFL in Lausanne, images for ECDM architects in Paris, plus some more... Soon in the gallery when all is out of NDA

The main website has been updated

The Demo reel for 2012 productions has been uploaded

Two animations finished on early january, one for SOHO&Pascall+Watson, the other one for Architecture Studio

A serie of images made with SANAA for the Samaritaine, couple of contests made with Marc Barani, among other things...

We have completed a serie of animations for the Skolkovo district in Russian Federation, including projects from SANAA, OMA, Herzog & De Meuron, Valode & Pistre etc.

We have added a Demo Reel for the films produced in 2011 (very busy year...), more to come when it's out of NDA

Lot's of projects completed, animations for SANAA, OMA, PLAN01. Illustrations made for various projects in France and Japan, soon online with the new version of the website.

We have slightly updated the Portfolio section, also another animation done for the Institut de France contest with Dominique Perrault

Another animation done, this time for Casablanca's New Stadium with SCAU

We have completed a serie of images and an animation for the Cultural and Touristic Wine Center with Toyo Ito and Projectiles

We have completed a serie of images for the new Samaritaine project with SANAA, online when it's out of NDA

Another animation completed for Kengo Kuma, FRAC Marseille, online in the animation section

We have completed an animation for finnish architects JKMM, online when it's out of NDA.

Several big projects completed: A serie of images (almost 40!) for the new French Defense Department competition for Dominique Perrault, images and animation for the new parisian justice court (TGI) for Architecture Studio, a 4 minutes corporate video for DIOR, among other things...

We are moving our office, bigger space and right in the center of Paris

Portfolio area have been updated, more to come after they're out of NDA

One musicvideo completed, available soon on the sister site

The Website has been slightly enhanced and portfolio areas have been updated